Design Services

The design professionals at Mohr & McPherson are well versed in the fundamentals of design: spatial planning, harmony, color theory, and balance. And they approach each project from Mohr & McPherson’s unique global perspective, creating both balance and tension with unique pairings, blending contemporary pieces with asian antiques and artisan-made decorative objects.

It begins in the showroom, where each and every piece has a story to tell. A bounty of monkeywood hauled from the edge of the jungle by elephants, crafted into arresting dining tables, for example. Or what was once a simple toy that brought joy to children in India, a hand-carved miniature donkey, is now a beautifully aged decorative object. The vibrant silk of traditional sari, recycled and rewoven into lush rugs of the richest colors. Hand planed wood, supple in its sheen, crafted into elegantly simple Tansu cabinets. These are but a few of the stories waiting to be told.

Our designers incorporate these pieces to create rooms that invite and encourage conversation: you with your surroundings, and your guests with you.

We offer consultation services in spatial planning, color planning, and fabric selection. Consultations are complimentary for customers who spend over $2,500 in our showroom, or are offered at a flat rate of $125 for a 90-minute session.